Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

2024 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

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Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2024 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

The announcement of the 2024 Canadian Biogas Industry Award winners was made on April 16 as part of the Value of Biogas East Conference. The Canadian Biogas Association is excited to honour the winners as true leaders in the industry.

Portrait of CBIA winners

Biogas Champion – Tom Ferencevic

Tom began his career in agriculture, working at OMAFRA, Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association and Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers. He was introduced to biogas while on an ag-sector trade mission, and, by 2007, had initiated a partnership with a biogas company in Europe and the founding of a biogas company in Canada. Tom has now designed over 12 biogas plants across Canada, building and commissioning 6. These facilities, collectively diverting over 150,000 tpy of organics from landfills, are considered amongst Canada’s most dynamic, efficiently handling mixed food wastes with high total solids and non-digestible contaminants. Tom is presently the owner and CEO of Fitec, a Canadian family-run business that is rapidly expanding across North America with a project completed in Mexico in 2023 and designs completed for US facilities in 2024.

Project Of The Year – Courthouse Hill Energy Biogas Plant

Courthouse Hill Energy diverts 15,000 tonnes of mixed organic waste annually from organic waste generators across Nova Scotia, including agri-food producers, meat processing facilities and grocery stores. Manure from the farm’s 300-cow dairy operation is also processed, helping the biogas facility contribute over 18,000 MW of renewable electricity to the grid since operations began in 2018. The digestate produced is used in Courthouse Hill Farm’s nutrient management program, supporting the growth of grass and legume forages, corn, soybeans and barley, with nearly 650 acres being cropped as cattle feed. Owned and operated by Greg Blois and his children, they collectively run the biogas plant and handle the nutrient and digestate management program for Courthouse Hill Farm.

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