Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

2022 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

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Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2022 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

The recipients of the 2022 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards were announced on May 10, 2022 during the Value of Biogas East Conference. The selected winners demonstrate leadership in the sector and the Canadian Biogas Association is pleased to recognize their positive contributions to biogas in Canada.

Biogas Champion – Brandon Moffatt

Brandon Moffatt, Vice President of Development at StormFisherBrandon Moffatt, Vice President of Development at StormFisher, received the award in recognition of playing a critical role in helping to develop and advance the biogas industry. Canadian born and bred, Brandon is a pioneering, long term expert in the industry, and is very supportive to all in the industry. A biogas promotion agent for change in all aspects of the industry and a legendary industry Rockstar that warranted induction into the biogas hall of fame.

Project of the Year – Stanton Farms

StormFisher Environmental facility, arial photoStanton Farms, arial photo of biogas facilityStanton Farms partnered with Faromor CNG to become the first agricultural RNG contributor to Ontario’s natural gas grid. Laurie Stanton and family have been early biogas innovators and have recently completed a significant expansion in partnership with Faromor CNG. This project breaks new ground for Ontario biogas systems: the first on-farm RNG system; having an out-of-province RNG contract with FortisBC; having one of the largest surface area flexible dome digester vessels in North America; navigating two environmental approvals (Environment, Agriculture) for two digesters at the same site to manage feedstocks separately for each facility; managing parallel gas streams to achieve contract requirements for both the Feed-In Tariff electricity program and their RNG contract; demonstrating a partnership model where the farm sells raw biogas to a co-located RNG upgrading facility owned and operated by a different partner. Together Stanton and Faromor envisioned and achieved a significant new opportunity to build bigger, yield more, and forge a new era for Ontario farms to export renewable natural gas out of province. They worked with other biogas suppliers to help prove the concept and will hopefully usher in a new wave of Ontario biogas developments.

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