Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

2023 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

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Congratulations To The Recipients Of The 2023 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards

The recipients of the 2023 Canadian Biogas Industry Awards were announced on April 25, 2023 during the Value of Biogas East Conference. The selected winners demonstrate leadership in the sector and the Canadian Biogas Association is pleased to recognize their positive contributions to biogas in Canada.

Biogas Champion – Ricardo Hamdan

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Ricardo is truly a staple in the biogas community. His passion and enthusiasm to further advance and improve the biogas industry in our country is well known by many. Ricardo has been involved in providing technology solutions for some of the most emblematic projects in Canada including the Surrey Biofuel Facility in British Columbia, St. Hyacinthe Facility in Quebec, and the Stormfisher Facility in London Ontario. Ricardo has served 2 terms as a board director and continues to fiercely advocate for policies that advance our industry in many levels of government.

Project Of The Year – Walker Rng Inc. Biogas To Rng Project

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DLS Biogas is currently wrapping up construction of a new biogas to RNG (renewable natural gas) facility at J&L Walker Farms in Aylmer, Ontario. This new facility will process approximately 60,000 tonnes per year of manure along with up to 40,000 tonnes per year of off-farm organic feedstocks to produce approximately 120,000 GJ/year of RNG along with nutrient rich digestate fertilizer. J&L Walker Farms operate two dairy facilities in Aylmer Ontario as well as several poultry facilities. They are the largest dairy producer in Ontario. The biogas to RNG facility will feature two (2) anaerobic digester tanks to process the manure and off farm organic feedstocks into biogas that is upgraded to RNG. The RNG will be injected into the EPCOR gas distributions system in Aylmer.

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