2018 Value of Biogas East

2018 Value of Biogas – East Conference

The 2018 Value of Biogas East events continued to grow this year, with the conference hosted in Gatineau, QC. Attendees and exhibitors enjoyed two days of networking and industry knowledge at Canada’s leading biogas and RNG event connecting representatives across the sector.

On March 22nd two half-day sessions were held to highlight specific opportunities within biogas and RNG.  The morning Moving Towards a Circular Economy session directed towards municipalities addressed the impact of the proposed Ontario Food and Organic Waste Framework and opportunities to produce RNG from diverted organic materials. Speakers highlighted operational and project development considerations and included case studies from across North America. The afternoon Building Economics of Biogas and RNG session provided information on federal tax incentives, corporate structures, financing approaches and the role of biogas and RNG in North American carbon markets.

The sessions were followed by the Canadian Biogas Association AGM, including a year in review and the election of our new Board of Directors. The day concluded with a networking dinner and the presentation of the first annual Canadian Biogas Industry Awards. The City of Saint Hyacinthe was awarded Project of the Year, and Paul and Fritz Klaesi were awarded Biogas Champion. A keynote address by Patrick Foody, Iogen’s Executive Vice President Advanced Biofuels shared details on Iogen’s innovative use of biogas to reduce GHG emissions in liquid fuels.

On March 23rd, the 2018 Value of Biogas East conference provided a full program that covered policy developments, RNG markets, biogas and RNG applications, two afternoon concurrent streams focused on municipal and agricultural biogas and RNG opportunities, and biogas and RNG future innovations.

  • Overall highlights from the conference include:
  • Outstanding attendance with over 200 attendees over the two days
  • Attendance from across Canada and the United States, with several international guests
  • 12 exhibitors filled our networking space
  • Celebrated leaders in the sector with the Canadian Biogas Industry Awards
  • High quality networking opportunities

The level of interest and discussion is indicative of an exciting time for the biogas sector in Canada, as policy and programs are developing in regions across the country. Attendees of the 2018 Value of Biogas East benefited from the key learning experiences and valuable networking opportunities in the Canadian biogas sector.


2018 Value of Biogas – East Conference




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