Health & Safety

Updated September 22, 2021

The CBA is working with the Hyatt Regency Hotel to implement policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of conference attendees. Our health and safety guidelines are based on Orders of the B.C. Provincial Health Officer. We will continue to follow Orders of the B.C. Provincial Health Officer and will update this webpage accordingly. Please check back regularly.

Proof of Vaccination

All 2021 Value of Biogas West attendees will need to show proof of vaccination prior to entering the conference. If you live in B.C. and have a B.C. ID, simply click here and fill in your information to get a B.C. Vaccine Card. You can save a digital version of the Vaccine Card to your phone or tablet, or print a paper copy to carry in your wallet. Both options are acceptable.

For out of province attendees, you will be required to show two pieces of identification. For attendees from other Canadian provinces or territories, you must show your provincially/territorially officially recognized vaccine record along with a valid government photo ID. For international visitors, you must show the proof of vaccination you used to enter Canada and your passport.

Face Coverings

All 2021 value of Biogas West attendees will be required to wear masks while inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel at all times, unless actively eating or drinking. Masks will be available at conference registration.

Additional Safety Measures

The Hyatt Regency Hotel has a Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention. These safety measures include:

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the conference and within easy reach of all food and drink stations;
  • Signs reminding attendees to wash or sanitize hands before touching self-serve food, drink or other items will be posted at the self-serve station;
  • High touch surfaces at the station, and utensils that are used for self-serve, will be frequently cleaned and sanitized;
  • Personal hand sanitation will be made readily available to all attendees at conference registration;
  • Seating will be available for each conference attendee, and attendees will be reminded to stay in the first seat they chose, and not to move from seat to seat;
  • A continual cleaning and disinfecting routine will be enforced throughout the Hyatt Regency Hotel during conference hours and overnight, especially in high-touch areas; and
  • Regular and thorough disinfection of the restrooms during conference hours.

Covid-19 Testing for Return Travel

If you require a Covid-19 test to travel after the conference, please view this website: where to get Covid-19 test in BC. From the list on this website, the following locations are nearest to the conference venue (Hyatt Regency Hotel Downtown):