2022 Value of Biogas May Conference Speakers

The 2022 Value of Biogas East speaker details are outlined below.


Portrait of Annie AcMoody

Abstract: DFC recently aligned with the government’s climate change objectives by setting a goal of net-zero emissions from farm-level dairy production by 2050. Across Canada, dairy farmers are taking meaningful steps on their farms to help make this net-zero commitment a reality. In addition, at the national level, DFC is working with farming organizations, research institutions, sustainability groups, food industry partners and governments to help reduce our overall footprint.

Biography: Annie AcMoody serves as the Vice-President, Policy & Trade for Dairy Farmers of Canada. She has been with the organization since 2020, in roles overseeing policies and analysis. Her work also focuses on programs supporting sustainable production practices in the industry, including DFC’s sustainability strategy. In her prior role, she served as the Director of Economic Analysis for Western United Dairies, an association representing dairy farmers in the state of California. Annie is originally from Québec City, where she graduated from Laval University with a degree in Agricultural economics and management. She also holds a Master’s degree in agricultural economics from Purdue University.

Portrait of Hans Henrik Dahl Andersen

Abstract: How Nature Energy has built up a successful portfolio of RNG AD plants in Denmark and now are ready to expand internationally.

Biography: Hans Henrik Dahl Andersen has an engineering background and have his experience from managing roles in the offshore- and international power plant industry. Hans Henrik is turning 10 years with Nature Energy this year and has had a large influence in the development of Nature Energy’s RNG business in Denmark, all the way from the beginning of the transformation of Nature Energy from a gas utility until today where Nature Energy is the leading RNG production company in Denmark.

Portrait of Daniel Bida

Abstract: Together with Stonecrest Engineering, we explored costs, biogas potential and carbon intensities of various project models to better understand how small/medium farms, as well as those not near a pipeline, could produce feasibly produce biogas.

Biography: Daniel holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University with a focus on Finance and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He spent the first 5 years of his career as an Energy and Utilities Analyst, focusing on credit quality and overall sustainability, before following his passions around renewable energy and sustainable waste management with the creation of ReGenerate Biogas Inc. in 2010.

Portrait of Stéphane Bosc

Biography: A French-Danish national based in Copenhagen with roots in Southern France. Environmental Chemistry Engineer working in the sales and R&D departments of Ammongas, a company specializing in gas treatment and purification. Previously used his MSc. in International BA to manage procurement and logistics of contraceptives and pharmaceuticals for the UN. Very excited to be part of the global development of RNG and Carbon Capture solutions.

Portrait of Natalia Bourenane

Abstract: Natalia Bourenane will present the results of the study on costs associated with anaerobic digestion (AD) of organic waste done on behalf of and funded by the Environment and Climate Change Canada. The presentation will cover the barriers of biogas and RNG development in Canada, capital and operational costs, and best practices for reducing costs and valorizing the end-products.

Biography: Natalia Bourenane serves as General Manager with BiogasWorld. With almost 10 years experience in biogas and RNG industry, Natalia has been the author and main contributor to the industry market intelligence reports covering the development of RNG sector, regulations, digestate management, RNG pricing, biogas plants risks and costs. Natalia holds an MBA from the University of Quebec.

Portrait of Michael Cant

Biography: Michael is a Principal at GHD working out of the Peterborough, Ontario office. He has been actively involved in the waste management industry for a few years. He has been involved in a number of procurements as Owner’s Engineer for organics processing facilities in Canada.

Portrait of Jake DeBruyn

Abstract: In July 2021 the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) introduced new rules to allow more off-farm feedstocks at “Regulated Mixed Anaerobic Digestion Facilities” (RMADF). These rules allow up to 40,000 m3/yr of off-farm feedstocks, including Source Separated Organics, under a permit-by-rule framework. New odour control requirements, and provisions for expansion at existing digesters will be presented. These are ‘Open for Business’ rules which also provide societal and environmental protection and assurance.

Biography: Jake DeBruyn is an engineer at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs based in Guelph. He works on energy and bioeconomy opportunities for the agrifood sector, as well as environmental and nuisance issues for farmers in the Greater Toronto area.

Portrait of Steven Du

Abstract: Flammability of biogas with various CO2 contents is critical for flaring. Flammability diagrams of methane diluted with CO2 in air is traditionally illustrated by a curved line within a triangle to separate flammable mixtures from nonflammable ones. Having a set of 2D flammability diagrams of various CO2 contents stacked, a surface is fitted by the curved lines within a tetrahedron to define if a biogas can be flared.

Biography: I immigrated to Canada in 2002 and at the same year I graduated from McMaster University with a Master’s degree of Applied Science. After a few years of struggling in adapting to Canadian job market, I was given an opportunity to try out a project engineer position with my current employer. As I learned from past experience, I adjust, adapt, and surpass myself every day for over 11 years. I dedicated and devoted myself to gas flaring. I worked and studied and learned the tricks of it. I am eager to share my expertise with the industry.

Portrait of Robert Dysiewicz

Biography: As GHD’s Global Innovation Leader for Future Energy, Robert focuses his efforts on the transition in energy systems towards a lower-carbon future. Robert is a recognized leader known for his effectiveness in driving market growth through business-level strategic planning and partnerships, facilitating corporate governance, and inspiring transformative solutions for multidisciplinary projects within the energy sector. He has direct experience in the utility sector developing RNG, Hydrogen and Compressed Natural Gas projects.

Portrait of Dave Ellis

Abstract: This presentation will feature two case studies of full-scale food and organic waste digester upsets. Both facilities suffered a catastrophic process failure and complete loss of biogas production. This presentation will report on the failures, the testing used to diagnose the issues, the interventions taken to bring about their recovery, and the procedures put in place to help plant staff keep the digesters healthy for the long-term.

Biography: David Ellis is Professional Engineering consultant who is widely recognized as one of North America’s premier digester practitioners. He founded Azura Associates with the mission of providing practical, customer focused, specialist engineering solutions for the anaerobic digestion, industrial wastewater, and cleantech sectors.

A niche firm, Azura is often called on to provide independent engineering reviews and expert services for biogas projects and digester-related legal disputes. As Principal Engineer, David has been getting his “Boots Dirty” for more than 30 years using their rigorous, evidence-based, approach to tackling challenging wastewater and anaerobic digestion issues.

Portrait of Shelby Fallis

Biography: Shelby Fallis is a Policy, Planning & Project Consultant within the Infrastructure & Resource Management section of Solid Waste Management Services Division in the City of Toronto. Shelby is a Senior leader & change champion responsible for managing the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) portfolio, among other strategic capital projects with a key focus on creating revenue streams for future green initiatives while simultaneously reducing the City’s carbon footprint. Shelby led the delivery of the City’s first RNG project named the 2019 Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) Project of the Year for technical innovation.

Portrait of Insert Name

Abstract: Electrochaea is commercializing its power-to-gas technology to replace fossil fuels by providing a grid-scale renewable gas generation and energy storage solution. Our proprietary process converts renewable electricity and CO2into grid-quality renewable natural gas for storage and distribution. Our process mitigates CO2 venting, instead recycling CO2 coming from purified streams for industrial processes, or from a feedstock that already contains CH4 such as biogas from anaerobic digestors, landfills, and dairies.

Biography: In his business development role for North America, Joe brings over thirty years’ experience with new market entry, strategic partnering, technology-enabled businesses, and cross-border transactions. Joe’s large company experience includes finance, business development and international roles for Searle Pharmaceuticals, The NutraSweet Company and Monsanto; this included two years in Switzerland for NutraSweet. He has worked with venture-stage organizations including First Genetic Trust, Chromatin, and Sandbox Industries, as well as with technology development groups at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago. As President of Feldman Associates, Joe has worked with growing companies on acquisitions, new market entry and a range of strategic initiatives.

Portrait of Andrew Friedenthal

Abstract: CharTech Solutions proprietary High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology converts woody-biomass and digestate into three renewable and valuable outputs; renewable gases, heat, and biocarbons. CharTech will present an alterative pathway, utilizing the direct high temperature pyrolysis of digestate to create a hydrogen rich syngas, from which the green hydrogen can be separated. In addition, CharTech will present how its HTP system can convert wood waste into RNG and biocoal.

Biography: Andrew is the Director of Business Development for CharTech Solutions. He has international experience conducting business in China, the US and Canada, while working across different sectors including technology, plastics, and organics to achieve leading-edge and sustainable projects for multinational organizations. Andrew is incredibly passionate about driving sustainable growth – helping clients/sites eliminate pollution by developing innovative solutions that deliver long-term value.

Portrait of Amir Ghasdi

Abstract: Xebec’s Biostream™ for small to medium scale projects for Farms, Wastewater treatment plants, Organic waste processing facilities and Industrial plants. Waste to be put through an anaerobic digestion process that produces biogas that can be upgraded/purified by Xebec Biogas Upgrading Systems. Xebec has extensive experience in biogas cleanup and this presentation will provide more insight on these projects and the main features of the Biostream™.

Biography: Amir Ghasdi, Business Development Director for Xebec Adsorption Inc., oversees the global development of Xebec’s renewable energy business, including biogas upgrading. Dr. Ghasdi is an expert in the field of biogas purification technology, with more than 15 years of experience in process development and design, as well as planning and rolling out sales strategies. Amir is inspired by and committed to the power and possibilities of renewable energy as the source to a clean, sustainable future for our society and planet. Amir believes in “Small steps can turn into bigger steps, and they can inspire others to make small changes too”.

Portrait of Malini Giridhar

Biography: Malini Giridhar is Vice President, Business Development & Regulatory for Enbridge Gas Inc.

In addition to business development and regulatory affairs, Malini’s accountabilities include public affairs, energy conservation programs and strategic and energy transition planning.

Malini is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has a graduate degree in Economics. In 2019, Malini was awarded a spot on the Women’s Executive Network’s top 100 list of Canada’s most powerful women.

Malini is passionate about the promotion of diversity, inclusion and personal development. Malini lives with her family in Toronto.

Portrait of Robyn Gray

Abstract: A closer look at what is happening on the federal level and what funding may be available, on the heels of its Emission Reduction Plan release in late March.

Biography: Robyn works with clients on issues related to climate and carbon policy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Robyn also provides counsel and strategic advice to a number of clients regarding environmental permitting and approvals.

Portrait of Jennifer Green

Abstract: Biogas & RNG is a proven climate solution, with 279 projects across Canada already preventing more than 8 Mt of greenhouse gas emissions from reaching the atmosphere every year. The Canadian Biogas Association's new report, “Hitting Canada’s Climate Targets with Biogas & RNG”, finds that biogas & RNG can deliver big GHG reductions: 26.7 Mt by 2030, 40.2 Mt by 2050, and delivering 55% of Canada’s methane pledge under the right policy scenario.

Biography: Jennifer Green leads the Canadian Biogas Association and works directly on behalf of the membership to create awareness and expand opportunities for biogas and renewable natural gas in Canada. Jennifer connects people in the public and private sector, commercial, municipal and agricultural communities and NGO’s to build relationships and discover strategic and sustainable partnerships for deploying anaerobic digestion technology. Jennifer fosters an open dialogue with industry and government on matters relating to policy, research, technology, and economic barriers and solutions to advance development of biogas and RNG projects. Jennifer is an experienced educator and influencer and intimately familiar with the biogas/RNG sector.

Portrait of Taylor Green

Abstract: I am part of a panel discussion on Insights into the Development of Collaborative Contracts for Municipal Infrastructure/Biogas Projects. Do you need any further into other than what is in the program listing on the website

Biography: Taylor Green is a design and construction professional with over 40 years of experience in the design, construction, and commissioning of all types of process related projects involving complex mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation systems. Taylor has over 15 years of related experience in multi-discipline design with one of the leading Consulting Engineering Firms in Canada. He also has over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of environmental and energy facilities, utilizing traditional, design-build and P3 delivery methods. He is currently the Technical Director for Bird Construction Environmental Center of Excellence and works on energy and environmental projects across Canada.

Portrait of Ricardo Hamdan

Abstract: In this presentation, details will be shared of lessons learned from over 2 years of operational experience with a dry AD facility. It will also provide insight into co-digestion of green waste, fat, oil and grease (FOG). The key process of the facility, dry AD, was operated at thermophilic temperature of 131 °F (55°C) to ensure sufficient organic matter sanitization and maximum carbon-neutral biogas production.

Biography: Ricardo Hamdan is the National Sales Manager for Hitachi Zosen Inova Canada, a supplier of a wide range of Renewable Natural Gas and Hydrogen technology solutions. He has 14 years of experience in the RNG industry. His portfolio includes anaerobic digestion, gas upgrading, hydrogen electrolysis and CO2 methanation. Ricardo’s experience ranges from development of carbon credit projects across dairy farms in Latin America to providing technology solutions for signature private and municipal projects in Canada particularly in BC, Quebec and Ontario. Ricardo has previously served as a Board Director for the Canadian Biogas Association and as a volunteer advisor for MARS Innovation Centre in Toronto.

Portrait of Matthew Hamilton

Abstract: A discussion on Canada’s commitment to the Global Methane Pledge and how the biogas sector can play a role in helping Canada achieve its GHG / methane reduction objectives for the waste sector.

Biography: Matt Hamilton has 24 years of engineering and management experience, focused mainly on municipal solid waste. For the past 14 years, he has been with Environment and Climate Change Canada, leading waste management and pollution prevention programs. Prior to that, he worked for the City of Ottawa, and as an engineering consultant in Canada and the US. Matt is also Co-Chair of the Biogas Subcommittee under the Global Methane Initiative.

Portrait of Nicholas Hendry

Biography: Nick grew up on a Dairy Farm in northern New Brunswick and developed a lifelong passion for manure. He has been working with Stonecrest Engineering for 11 years to advance renewable energy and reduce energy costs in rural Canada. Completing 3MW of solar projects, several compressed natural gas projects and on farm biogas and Renewable Natural Gas projects. He currently resides on a small farm outside Tavistock Ontario.

Portrait of Dr Ian Hunter

Abstract: Producing biogas from organic wastes is vital if net-zero ambitions are to be achieved. Unpredictable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in food waste and landfill biogas can significantly impact RNG production efficiency and uptime. Monitoring of the contaminant removal stages is necessary to protect and optimise the plant. We present BioSpec VOC, a simple to install and operate solution, for the real-time monitoring of VOCs in biogas upgrading process.

Biography: Dr Ian Hunter is General Manager of Renewables at Camlin Energy. Camlin design and manufacture innovative sensor technologies to help renewable energy producers digitise asset management and maximise the performance of their operations. He focuses on developing a deep understanding of technical and operational challenges in the renewables industry and working closely with customers and key stakeholders to bring value-adding solutions to market. By helping the biogas industry to be more efficient and self-sustaining, biogas can play an integral role on the path to a net-zero future and localising energy supply.

Portrait of Gord Lau

Biography: Gordon has over 20 years of utility experience in both natural gas and power sectors where he has worked with public and private sectors customers in various industries. Gordon is currently the Manager of Renewable Natural Gas in the Business Development group for Enbridge Gas in Toronto and manages a portfolio of investments that supports the production, injection, transportation and storage of RNG in the Enbridge franchise area. Enbridge actively engages with various RNG industry stakeholders and advises on low-carbon solutions to assist customers in reducing their carbon footprint.

Portrait of Rob McKinlay

Abstract: While RNG and large scale electricity are more common applications for biogas, there does exist opportunities for biogas to electricity on family farms across the country.

Biography: Robert, along with his family own and operate Harcolm Farms ltd, a dairy farm milking 70 cows near Woodstock Ontario. Their small scale (20 kW) on-farm digester was installed in 2017. The feedstock for the digester is sourced 100% from the dairy manure on farm. He is active in the dairy industry having served as a local delegate for Dairy Farmers of Ontario and as a past chair of the Oxford County Dairy Producer Committee, as well as a delegate for GayLea Foods co-operative. In addition to farming, Robert has 15-years experience as a Mechanical Engineer (P.Eng) and holds a Masters of Engineering from University of Waterloo. Robert is interested in continuing to promote on-farm biogas projects, as a complementary partner with agriculture to bolster rural economies. In the community Robert is the vice-president of the Oxford United way and volunteers his time coaching with the Woodstock Wildcats Girls Hockey Association.

Portrait of Claus Mortensen

Abstract: Join this session to find out which policy mechanisms, innovations and partnerships that have been successful in driving the RNG revolution in Denmark, and which have not been so successful. Get insights into how the biogas industry in Denmark will partner up with other energy sectors in the green transition in the near future, where it is expected that 70% of the gas in the Danish natural gas grid will be RNG by 2030.

Biography: As part of Food & Bio Cluster Denmark - the national cluster network for bioresources, Claus have spent the last 11 years in the biogas sector in the intersection between innovation and international business development with activities in +30 countries. Claus is Director in Biogas Go Global – a partnership between the Danish Energy Agency and The Danish Foreign Ministry in North America aiming to share experiences from the Danish biogas sector and build international partnerships between academia, industry and policy.

Portrait of Wes Muir

Biography: Wes is Manager of Business Development for Veolia Canada where he’s engaged on the development of municipal waste, water and energy projects.
Previously, he spent nearly two decades in senior management positions with Waste Management and Waste Connections. He has extensive experience along the waste continuum including collection, transfer, recycling and organics management, disposal (landfill and waste to energy) and advanced waste processing technologies. He’s also been a policy advisor to governments on waste and recycling related issues as well as active with numerous waste industry associations.
With a background in government relations, corporate communications and stakeholder engagement in jurisdictions across North America, he has extensive experience and expertise in the development of corporate business and public affairs strategies.

Portrait of Eward Ng

Biography: As a Partner in the Infrastructure Advisory practice at Ernst & Young (EY), Edward focuses on providing transaction support and lead advisory services in the execution of infrastructure financing and public-private partnerships (PPP). He has over 17 years of related experience and has been involved in all aspects of transactions, including market soundings, business case and feasibility study development, process structuring, conducting commercial and financial evaluations, constructing/analyzing public sector comparator and shadow bid models, risk assessment, and financial arrangement and structuring. Edward has been involved in over 40 infrastructure projects with a combined value in excess of $25.0 billion.

Portrait of Fiona Oliver-Glasford

Biography: Fiona has worked at the intersection of energy and the environment for 20+ years advancing energy efficiency, and enabling low carbon solutions. Early this year, Fiona joined a global leader in the environmental finance space, ClearBlue, as President. Prior to ClearBlue, Fiona spent 16 years with Enbridge Gas where she was the Manager of Energy Transition and had accountability for the Carbon strategy and implementation, integrated resource planning, and low carbon solution development including RNG voluntary program for residential customers. Fiona holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and the Sustainable and Climate Risk Certification through the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

Portrait of Karin Florencio Perez

Abstract: The tool enables the introduction of real operational data from the WWTP as well as data on the selected organic co-substrate, taken from a feedstock database. The tool estimates the quantity of the mixed thickened sewage sludge generated in the WWTP according to its biological treatment process, optimal quantities of the selected organic co-substrate to feed the digesters, and the potential biogas production a proposed anaerobic codigestion project could generate.

Biography: Master’s in Process Engineering from the Complutense University of Madrid and Industrial Doctorate Student at the University of Barcelona. Throughout her 11 years professional career, she has participated in the design, operation and maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Europe and Latin America. She currently works as an Innovation and Development Engineer at the Sorigué company based in Barcelona, developing Circular Economy projects at a Regional and European level.

Portrait of Mark Riley

Biography: Since 1999, Mark has taken a leading role in the alternative fuel vehicle industry-- first as manager of the State of New Hampshire’s alternative fuel vehicle program, then as founder of two federally-recognized Clean Cities Coalitions in New Hampshire and Arizona, and with Clean Energy for the past twenty years.

Mark joined Clean Energy, North America’s largest provider of vehicular natural gas, to expand their Phoenix, Arizona market in 2002. In 2005, he returned to New Hampshire to expand Clean Energy business in the eastern half of the United States and throughout Canada. As Vice President of Business Development, Mark directs Clean Energy’s business development, and manages the company’s field sales and business development personnel in the Eastern US and Canada.

Mr. Riley holds a Bachelors Degree from Brown University where he studied ecology and evolutionary biology.

Portrait of Insert Name

Abstract: An overview of the impacts of government policy, and applicable legislation and regulations on the biogas/RNG sector with a focus on GHG reduction policies, renewable energy and clean fuels/low carbon fuel standards including the final version of the Clean Fuel Regulations to be released at the end of 2021.

Biography: Alex Sadvari is a partner in Gowling WLG's Toronto office, practising in the areas of environmental, renewable energy, land use planning, and development law. She advises corporate, municipal, and Indigenous clients, providing strategic regulatory advice and representation. Alex is also the co-head of Gowling WLG’s BioEnergy Group, helping clients to develop biogas, renewable natural gas (RNG), biomass, and liquid biofuel projects in Ontario and across Canada.

Portrait of Insert Name

Abstract: Denmark’s biogas sector has increased fourfold over the last 10 years, with biogas based-RNG now making up more than 25% of Denmark’s gas grid. This has been driven by the professionalization of the biogas sector and the application of innovative business model, operating practices and technology solutions. The use of centralized plants for the management and processing of both animal manures (dairy, hog), food waste (residences, restaurants, groceries, manufacturing), and ag residuals (deep litter bedding, straw) has allowed the sector to scale rapidly and provide a solution that addresses both environmental and climate issues associated with food production.

Biography: Cecilie Engell Sørensen is a Commercial Advisor at the Embassy of Denmark in Washington, DC, where she strategically helps grow Danish biogas companies’ commercial and strategic interests in Canada and the US. Cecilie is responsible for analyzing market drivers and engage key players while understanding company needs and capabilities, so it can be translated into strategic recommendations and actions that are value creating for Danish companies. She has helped guide the activities of the Danish North American Biogas Alliance for more than two years. Cecilie has a Master of Science in Business, Language and Culture with a specialization in Business and Development Studies, in English and Spanish, from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Portrait of Sarah Stadnyk

Abstract: The CBA was retained by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to undertake an analysis of the regulatory barriers impacting agricultural biogas development in Canada and identification of measures and/or tools to navigate anaerobic digester regulations and increase growth in the sector. The scope of work included contacting stakeholders involved in agricultural biogas development to understand their experience with regulatory frameworks, challenges and barriers with the process, and opportunity to improve the regulatory process.

Biography: Sarah Stadnyk is the Manager of Business Development and Communications. Sarah is focused on outreach activities that raise awareness of the sector including highlighting biogas technology and developments to members and broader audiences, and business development and project work to support the growth and implementation of biogas and RNG in Canada. Sarah sees significant potential in bioenergy and waste-to-resource technologies, and prior to joining the Canadian Biogas Association she worked on a variety of related projects in the private and public sectors in technical, research, and business development capacities.

Portrait of David Swerdlyk

Abstract: Wet Foodwaste anaerobic digestion facilities commonly dewater digestate. The dewatering process produces a centrate that is high in ammonia and organic nitrogen. The activated sludge process coupled with membrane bioreactor (MBR) has been successfully utilized to biological treat the nitrogen in the centrate however it is not without operational challenges that need to be considered. Suez WTS will present the challenges and lessons learnt from operating facilities with different configurations.

Biography: Dave has over 15 years in the water and wastewater business joining the ZeeWeed MBR business (Currently part of Suez WTS) in 2007. Dave has spent the last 8 years as a process engineer focusing on MBRs, biosolids and biowaste anaerobic digestion spaces as well as industrial wastewater. Dave is currently the biosolids and biowaste process and applications development leader for Suez WTS based out of Oakville Ontario. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Bioprocess Engineering from the University of Guelph and is a P.Eng in the province of Ontario.

Portrait of Insert Name

Abstract: Complexe Enviro Connexions and PAQUES collaborated to install a THIOPAQ® scrubber at the Terrebonne landfill. It consists of a scrubber, a bioreactor to oxidize hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulfur and separation and dewatering of elemental sulfur. Within one week after biological start-up the THIOPAQ® scrubber achieved and maintained its guaranteed performance of < 25 ppm H2S in the treated gas at the design flow rate.

Biography: Graduated at the Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands as MSc in Environmental Sciences. Has > 30 years of experience with anaerobic treatment of industrial effluents, including process design, pilot testing, start-ups, troubleshooting, operation, operator training and sales. Experience with design and operation of pre- and post-treatment, biogas handling, hydrogen sulfide removal, plant performance optimization, chemical handling and safety. Has worked for Paques as process engineer from 1986-1993 in various countries and 1993-2004 in the USA. Was team leader of the water recycling facility at a recycled paper mill from 2004-2013 and joined Paques again in 2015 as sales manager.

Portrait of Lauren Turner

Abstract: Archaea Energy has a comprehensive portfolio of operating RNG and landfill gas to electric projects. Project Assai, the highest capacity operational RNG facility in the world, achieved commercial operations in December 2021.
Landfill gas produced at the Keystone Sanitary landfill at Assai as well Archaea’s other projects is well-suited for long-term, fixed price contracts. We create offtake partnerships that give purchasers options for the life of the contract and an economic, predictable, sustainable, and reliable option for decarbonization.

Biography: Ms. Turner is responsible for overseeing and developing partnerships with organizations seeking to decarbonize their operations and products. She has nearly a decade of experience in clean energy solutions, environmental credit compliance, and business partnership development. Prior to joining Archaea Energy, Ms. Turner worked at Weaver & Tidwell LLP where she advised biofuel producers eligible for federal and state renewable fuel credits. Ms. Turner also held multiple roles at Air Liquide including technical sales, market strategy, business development, and policy/regulatory activities.
Ms. Turner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.

Portrait of Rick Williams

Abstract: With the growing importance of environmental attributes in calculating the environmental benefits of biogas, it is crucial for sellers and purchasers of biogas to understand the impacts of regulatory and contractual frameworks on environmental attributes. This presentation will provide a high level discussion of the scope, availability, and uses of environmental attributes and some of the contractual considerations for buyers and sellers of biogas.

Biography: Rick is the National Leader of BLG's Environmental Law Group and the Regional Leader of the Regulatory and Oil and Gas Groups as well as a member of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) leadership team. Rick regularly represents and advises clients on the commercial, regulatory and litigation aspects of project development, permitting and operations in the energy and natural resource sectors, including land, environmental and Indigenous issues.

Portrait of Gustavo Zanatta

Biography: Gustavo (Gus) Zanatta is an environmental engineer with over 15 years experience working in the anaerobic digestion, waste-to-energy, and industrial water and wastewater fields. His experience has a strong focus on business development and client management, which is supported by his extensive technical background in process design and R&D. Gus recently joined anessa as their Business Development Manager and will be focused on working across the industry to enable and empower owners and operators with tools to more effectively assess and manage their biogas projects.